We offer staff for various positions for a variety of events and activities. We work closely with you to ensure that events can be brought in on the budget available and that the team we supply fully meets your needs.

The team that we put together will have staff experienced in your event type as well as supervisors with a wealth of experience to assist you in any way that they can.

Our staff are also trained in how to deal with the public, manage complaints, crowd control, first aid and customer service. Any staff we use are licensed where applicable and therefore maintaining current government guidelines relating to their field.

Zion understands that when we work for you, we uphold your public image and work at our utmost to protect you and your business at all times.

We have staff available to fill the following positions;
Close Protection
Fork lift drivers/cherry picker drivers
Hire equipment

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Our Mission Statement…

At Zion we understand the importance of working together with clients and will always endeavor to provide the best personnel which will be tailored to suit each individual client requirements. Many of our staff have experience in a variety of events and bring with them a wide and varied skill set.

We work to the highest standard of integrity, honesty and professionalism in every circumstance and operate a fair and unbiased recruitment policy regardless of gender, race, religion or colour.

Our objective is to continue to be the leading provider of exceptional personnel to the film, events and entertainment industry throughout the UK.